The Alberta Palaeontological Society is proud to be sponsoring a free public lecture on Sunday, October 1 featuring Drs. Donald Henderson (Royal Tyrrell Museum) and Jean-Bernard Caron (Royal Ontario Museum).


The latest discoveries from the middle Cambrian Burgess Shale site in Marble Canyon will be the subject of Dr. Caron’s presentation, including discussions on new creatures including Tokummia, and a long-legged worm called Ovatiovermis. The presentation will also discuss the origin of ants, crabs and millipedes.


Dr. Henderson will be re-examining the old image and idea that long-necked sauropod dinosaurs were so large and heavy that they had to live in water, in a presentation titled “Sauropod dinosaurs were the colossal corks of the Mesozoic.”

Please check back for the date and time of these public presentations.